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More photos of our work

Add tree to patio

This patio was built several years prior to adding this japanese maple for shade.  We had to lift the pavers, remove the stone dust bedding, dig the hole for the tree and put it all back together.  Looks like the tree has always been there.  As the tree grows stones will be removed to make room.

Daffodils & other bulbs

We didn't plant these particular bulbs, but we do plant some every year.  We added over 350 bulbs to customers properties in the Spring of 2014.

Pavement sweeping


In 2014 we added a rotary broom to our tool inventory.  We can now sweep sand and debris off paved surfaces.  This broom cleared 2 inches of sand, not pictured, from this parking lot in a single pass.  It works on snow as well.

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