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Quality landscaping

Providing mowing and maintenance services in Wilmington, NC. since 1984.  We serve Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender counties.

From small residential lots to pastures we have the equipment to handle all your mowing needs.

Other services include:

pruning and shearing

vacuum leaves and pine straw

flowers from our own greenhouse

​irrigation optimization & audits

garden tilling

custom garden structures  decks, gazebos, patio furniture



Poinsettias are available from Thanksgiving to Christmas every year.  For 2012 we are growing these colors:  prestige red, peterstar white, freedom pink and peterstar marble.

Red 8 inch pot about 16 inches tall  

White 8 inch pot about 16 inches tall 

Marble 6 inch pot about 14 inches tall

Pink 6 inch pot about 14 inches tall   

Latest Projects

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